The Way That I Loved You

You know that I...
I gave my best to you,
And me can't you see
I did it all for you.
So where did we go wrong?
Why do we have to sing this song?
Girl, with me you know that you belong.

And I'll never love
The Way that I loved you
And I'll never kiss
The way that I kissed you
And I'll never touch
The way that I touched you
I did it all for you

And I'll never love that way again.

Girl, it seems to me
You've been gettin' on
And it's plain to see
You didn't cry for long.
So tell me why must we
be apart for us to see
That we could never
never love this way again.

Can't we try again?
Does it relly have to end?
Can we reach down deep inside-
Find the strength to make this love survive-
Oh girl, I did it all for you
If you believe in true romance
Can we give it one more chance?